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CTS was formed with a commitment to superior technology through innovation in support of the EOD and CIED mission. This effort is currently focused in the waterjet disrupter technology. Our foundation is rooted in science and research as we strive to break previous technological and scientific barriers in the pursuit of safely disrupting ever emerging explosive ordnance threats.

CTS's Recoilless Technology

CTS understood that the technology has been stagnant for the last 100 yrs. The EOD technicians wish list is the foundation of our mission.

First of Many Solutions

  • Highest velocity of waterjet in the industry. Projectile range up to 16 meters [52 ft] for maximum effectiveness against IED’s or ordnances
  • The most deployable and lightest disrupter by up to 59%, designed for airborne operations, dismounted troops and Special Forces
  • Minimal recoil allows for never before possible applications; small robots, dismounted troops etc.
  • Forensic analysis improved after neutralization
  • No tools necessary to setup and deploy
  • No laser calibration using the only patented self calibrating laser in the industry
  • Unique power adaptability on all robotic platforms and vehicles, etc.

The only self calibrating laser in the industry

Proven Solutions

Recoil-less Technology

CTS’s recoil-less technology will spawn the most protective disrupter for robotic platforms. It will meet the three main concerns of the industry: weight, power and protection to robotic platforms.


The most effective method of neutralizing pipe bombs. Leaves virtually no denting or deformation on the pipe body thus dramatically reducing the shock impact on the pipe itself. Log in to see more.

Gel Projectile - GWS

A gel that stays intact after it is fired thus allowing the stand-off distances to be increased dramatically. Most penetrative on the market. Log in to see more.

Dusty Rounds - "frangibles"

As powerful as steel slugs but with the benefit of fragmentation and safety of disintegration

CTS Lance Disrupter