Disruption technology had suffered small and/or not very significant changes in the last 100 years! In this respect, CTS can confirm that this technology may still be explored and will not become obsolete anytime soon. The innovation degree based on a scientific approach incorporated by CTS’ equipment will make the difference.


Lance Disrupters Lance Disrupter

CTS’s experts have developed the first improved disrupter; The “Lance®” Disrupter. This first model solves three particular problems that exist at this present time: Weight,  the possibility of firing percussion ammunition through the use of either an electrical breech or shock tube breech and custom designed recoil absorbing ammunition that is lightweight and affordable. Product details...



Twin Lance Disrupters Twin Lance Disrupter

Only stand on the market capable of holding two disrupters. It is lightweight, compact and easily portable. The system can be preloaded for rapid response. Like the single system, the Recoil Absorbing System (RAS) can be removed and attached to robotic platforms. Product details...



Baldric Backpack Baldric Backpack

The CTS Baldric Backpack is designed to be the ultimate tactical backpack capable of storing a complete Lance Disrupter solution for rapid EOD intervention all the while keeping safety, durability and ergonomics at the highest standards. Product details...



CTS also offers a wide range of Parts Accessories that complements it's Lance Disrupter System. Discover the range of Service & Maintenance Accessories