Baldric Backpack

CTS Baldric Backpack


  • Rapid Deployment/Intervention
  • Mobility
  • Blend into the Crowd
  • Ergonomic Tactical Design









Rapid Deployment/Intervention

  • The CTS Baldric Backpack is designed to be the ultimate tactical backpack capable of storing a complete Lance Disrupter solution for rapid EOD intervention all the while keeping safety, durability and ergonomics at the highest standards. 
  • Due to its compact design, the Baldric Backpack can be stored in a small vehicle with minimal space requirements.
  • In order to quickly deploy the Lance Disrupter, the Baldric Backpack’s content is easily accessible by unfolding the backpack and readily exposing all components, on the ground or on a person.
  • The Baldric Backpack system was designed to accept either the Lance or Twin Lance Disrupter Systems.


Combined with the Lance Disrupter System’s lightweight feature, the Baldric Backpack is the ultimate solution for mobile and tactical operations and rapid deployment.

Blend into the crowd

Like any other civilian hiking style backpack, Baldric Backpack looks deceivingly normal. This makes the operator able to easily blend in with the crowd. Due to its compact design and generic look, CTS Baldric Backpack is ideal for undercover patrol duty in crowded environments such as: sport events, concerts, VIP and any other occasion where technicians must be readily equipped with the EOD tools they need, without public awareness.

Ergonomic Design

 Ergonomic Design: CTS Baldric Backpack is design for comfort. Like most ergonomic hiking backpacks, the Baldric Backpack keeps its weight as close as possible to the body of the operator, with the help of chest and waist straps.

  • CTS Baldric Backpack’s pouches are strategically located to ensure that the heavier tools are located low and closest to the body of the operator.
  • Each custom made pouch is designed to ensure that all tools are fitted securely to prevent any rattling while moving.
  • All exterior pockets are zipped shut to avoid parts from falling out.
  • Foam padding ensures hours of comfort. Designed to fit all sizes.

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