Discover the range of Service & Maintenance Accessories. CTS also offers a wide range of Parts Accessories that complements it's Lance Disrupter System.

Cartridges and Projectiles           

  • One Cartridge, two power levels
  • MicroShot Projectile
  • Solid Projectile
  • Granular Water Shot
  • Dusty Rounds
  • Dearmer Projectiles:
    • Chisel Round
    • Blade Projectile
    • Fork Projectile

Aiming Systems

  • Zero Convergence Aiming System
  • Bore sighter

Firing Systems

  • Firing Adapter System (FAS)
  • Firing Adapter System Accessory
  • Wire Reel
  • Pack Reel
  • Floating Breech
  • Shock Breech

Stands and Transport

  • Scabbard Disrupter Stand
  • Backpack
  • ATA Transport Case


  • Accessory/Spare Parts Kit
  • Baldric Backpack System
  • Universal aiming system with ZCAS technology

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