About us

CTS started its operations at a Canadian government research facility. Their professional staff of chemists and scientists along with the devotion and technical competence of CTS’s personnel is the building block of CTS’s R&D initiative which led to our engineering team to develop the current technologies in the field today.

National Research Council of Canada

CTS offers solutions to existing and potential problems related to the EOD area.

This will be accomplished by working closely with end-users, appreciating their feedback and ideas, all the while implementing CTS’s unique scientific approach in an industry heavily based on trial and error techniques, which creates a “do it yourself” mind-set for often ignored end-users.

Mission statement

“CTS strives to be the foremost innovator in the disruption technology for improvised explosive devices and unexploded ordnance using a scientific approach to create and produce the most advanced, safer, reliable and affordable equipment worldwide.”